Québec City
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A flash of colour

An absolutely glorious sunny day out there, with not a cloud in clear blue skies. The view from where I sit here in my little office space, in the bedroom, shows the local park. It’s the last day of September and, already the tops of the trees are turning gold, brown, and red.

I love this time of year, the quickening I call it, that moment between everything being green and then, suddenly, a few weeks later, all the leaves have dropped.

Autumn is gorgeous here because of the amount of trees and the sheer number of maples we have. We live in what’s referred to as DormaVille, lots of homes and apartment blocks, where all the streets are lined either side with trees, so that spring and autumn bring a riot of colour into everyone’s lives.

Not only that, we live so close to another large park, the Bois de Coulonge, just ten minutes walk from the apartment. So this weekend (weather permitting) I’m planning on going for a walk to take photos.

Meanwhile, here’s a shot taken from the apartment.

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