A Little bit of Scotland

What a lot of people don’t know about Québec City is that, right in the heart of Vieux Québec (Old Québec) is a postage stamp of land that is forever Scotland. This tiny parcel of historical land is home to the Scottish Kirk (Church of Scotland) and St. Andrew’s church—a church built in the reign of George III.

The church, built between 1759-1810, sits right next to the equally historic Morrin Centre, which is home to the English Literature and Historical Society. The Morrin Centre is also home to hundreds of historical books and document and yes, a Gaol too!

The third building in this triptych was, at one time, another church, but is now the Institut Canadien housing yet another library.

So, as you can see, and what you have to remember is, Québec City was built not just by the French, but the British and Irish too.

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