A Walk in the Park

Welcome to the Domain Maizerets

It might not have been the best day to go for a walk in the park, on Saturday, but we went anyway as we’d set our mind on visiting. And, in a way, it was probably the perfect day given that, because of the early morning rain, we had the park almost to ourselves. At most we saw a handful of people, several ducks, and a handful of common green frogs.

Not bad for a day that started with a thunderstorm, was dark, humid and oppressive. But, by the time we had walked several of the marshy trails at the Domaine Maizerets, the skies were lifting, and the sun was trying it’s best to come out. By the time we went home (typical) it was almost blue skies.

Undeterred, we still enjoyed tromping around the marshes listening to bird calls and spying the wildlife. And enjoyed meeting the frogs.

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