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It’s Coffee Time

The one thing that I have enjoyed about living here, in Québec City, is the coffee. There are any number of places to get an excellent cuppa Joe from. Small, hole-in-the-wall cafes known for roasting their own beans, on-site, and with blends from all over the world. I mean, could you ask for anything more? Well, yes, food … some even include home made cakes and sandwiches but we all know, it’s all about the coffee, right? If visiting our fair city, you should try places like … CANTOOK 575 rue St. Jean 418-529-4769 NEKTAR 235 rue St. Joseph Est. 418-977-9236 LES CAFES DU SOLEIL 143 rue Saint-Paul 418-692-1147 CAFE CASTELO 807 ave. Cartier 418-523-9785