Waiting for Frogs

The season of sun rolls on in equal parts of thunderous violence and unrelenting heat. The humidex makes it impossible to breath. It’s sultry beyond words. Movement is optional. Shade as much a necessity as iced tea.

We endure, reflect, and hide in shady corners waiting.

Will the frogs come this year, or have they fled to cooler climes?

Mosiacultures 2022

This spectacular show of living plant sculptures is finally here, instead of Montreal, this year. And the team have done a fantastic job of transforming our local park, the bois de Coulonge, into a plant safari for the senses, the Mosiacultures 2022.

There are over 200+ living sculptures in 5 distinct zones covering different themes, from the polar regions, to Africa, to the sea, to temperature climes. There is so much to see it took us almost 3 hours of ambling around to see everything.

Here’s a small sampling of some of the living sculptures.