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First Snowfall

We awoke this morning to our first snowfall of the year and, as the day has slowly progressed, so too has the depth of snow outside. We have gone from a smattering to full-on gale, with horizontal blowing snow and poor visibility. Which, so far, given this storm is expected to be with us all through the night, dumped over 12 inches of snow—a full foot! Heaven alone knows, or, Mother Nature herself, how much will have been deposited by tomorrow morning.

Fall Feast

Another glorious autumnal day out there, with a breeze that’s making leaves dance through the air like some sort of leaf ballet. Lots of twirling seeds pods, which the squirrels are chasing. Ask me what I’ve done this morning other than stare out the picture window and drink coffee? Nothing is the answer. And, do you know what, who cares, watching the leaves dance is good for the soul.  

Mosiaculture 2022 Part III

Yesterday we finally got back to the bois de coulonge, our local park, where they have been hosting the international Mosiaculture floral sculpture festival this summer. I say finally because the show closes this holiday weekend here, in Québec City after a three month run. It will be sad to see it close and I hope that the event returns to us again, next year, because I have to say this was one of the best floral shows I’ve ever seen. We bought a season pass that cost us $50 and allowed us unlimited access, which means we’ve been going back every other week to see the sculptures change with the season and weather. This time around was spectacular compared to that first day the weekend that the show opened—obviously. And we were blessed with great weather each time we did a visit. And while yesterday’s visit was a tad on the chilly side, the sun was shining in a clear blue sky, and everywhere was framed in Fall colours as the trees start their …

Getting ready for Fall

We’re getting ready for the Great Display here, in Québec City. The trees have begun to turn, and we’re seeing flashes of red, gold, brown and yellow everywhere. The tops of the maples are on fire and hedges are alive with creeping deep red vines. It’s time for Fall. My favourite time of year.