Song Sparrow

This little fellow—a song sparrow I am reliably informed—was singing his heart out at the bois de Coulonge, today. Maybe he’s getting ready for the flower show that’s coming on June 24, the Mosaicultures 2022, which is currently under construction in the bois. This will be the first time this extravaganza has been shown outside of Montreal.

So yes, you bet me and mine have bought season passes to go see it. Stand by for lots of flower photos, coming soon!

A Visitation

Why, yes, this could be a surreal slice of Australia complete with indigenous animals come to visit us all the way up here, in the Frozen North … or, equally, it could be an exhibit being put together for the next Mars probe to make Martians feel less intimidated when they come visit us. Certainly, the ducks aren’t intimidated by it’s sudden appearance in the marina.

It’s Pumpkin Time!

Yes, it’s that time of year again, and the City Hall gardens are decked out in pumpkins with a sort of, eh, mini maze for the kids, complete with spooky mists.

Of course, as is typical, I’m told I should have come here at dark, as the whole place is lit up and there’s eerie music playing … again, for the kids.

Dang! Maybe this weekend, we can make it again, but this time in the evening to see for ourselves. In the meantime, here’s a few snaps of pumpkins, more pumpkins, and an even bigger pumpkin in there …


Street Walker

Why yes, now that you ask, I do think I have become something of a street walker now that the Fall is showing her full colours. And who wouldn’t become a walker when the weather has turned nice again, and we have all this colour to enjoy?

So of course I’ve been out there taking afternoon walks around my neighbourhood and discovered more than these majestic looking trees, I discovered a Tim Hortons up by the Bois du Coulonge. What? Oh, sorry, for those of you not in the know, Tim Hortons is a coffee chain, and this one is attached to a garage right opposite one of my favourite parks.

Anyway, I digress. I didn’t make it into the park but will try later this week to go take more tree portraits while the weather holds, and the leaves are still attached.

Twisted Roots

Fall is, indeed, letting us know she’s arrived for the season. Yesterday afternoon despite the cool weather the sky was mostly blue and I took a chance walk out, around the neighbourhood, to look at the trees.

Some have already begun to turn and a few have lost any number of leaves already due to the changed, blustery weather. But it was the roots of several trees down one street nearby where I live, that I love to walk down, whose tangle of roots caught my attention.

You have to agree, they’re amazing and, I wonder, do fairies live here? What do you think?