Jardin Jeanne d’Arc

Despite the oppressive heat and humidity, I did make it out to one of our favourite parks, the Jardin Jeanne d’Darc. It is a little oasis of calm just outside the old city walls. And, of course, commemorates the martyr, Joan of Arc, as Québec City is twinned with Rouen, in France.

The trick to not being roasted, while out, was to go very early in the morning before most tourists (such as we have here at the moment) would be up and about. I practically had the park to myself.

There were not many flowers in the flowerbeds, but then, with this heat and everything, I think the gardeners have kept it all very simple this year. Still, it was a lovely break to just wander around and get some fresh air and exercise.

Have a great weekend everyone, and stay safe out there.


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