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Mosiaculture Floral Sculputres

We’re just back from a three and half hour walk around the Mosiaculture Floral sculptures fesitval at our local park and now, I have several hundred photos to process and share with you. The park was really crowded as this is the last week it’s open to the public. So, of course, everyone and their mother were there happy snapping along with us.

It’s fantastic to see how it’s changed since it first opened at the start of June till now. How the flower beds have matured, and the sculptures themselves have morphed. Which I hope you’ll be able to see in tomorrow’s photo spread.

Untill then, here’s a panoramic I took of the St. Lawrance river from the view point in the park … and now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I need to go make myself a strong coffee.

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