In a Bubble

Crazy busy weekend, and another crazy busy day today … so for your viewing pleasure, take a look at “Lovis” trapped in a snowglobe … yes, in the middle of summer!

Quebeckers have a really fun sense of humour. And someone placed this snowglobe bubble over the statue of King Louis XIV down in Place Royale. I wonder what visiting French tourists might think?

Civilisation Gardens…

Some more shots I took the other day, when me and mine were out at the Old Port. Today’s photos are from the terraced gardens at the Museum of Civilisation—you might remember me taking a photo of the museum’s lighthouse tower dressed as Big Ben. Anyway, after walking around the new gardens on the water front, we wandered around the terrace gardens at the museum.

These sculptures decorating the gardens were all done by students attending schools here, in Québec City. There were some fun and very clever installations. I particularly liked the Raffia tent that offered a lot of cool shade. It was fun to sit in the chairs and listen to the breeze ruffling the plastic streamers.

I hope you enjoyed these as much as we did, happily we were the only ones there.

Up on the Boardwalk

There is always something to find up on the promenade that is the Terrace Dufferin, like, a Salvador Dali bronze, the SPACE ELEPHANT, that commands the skyline. This one was from a couple of years back, BC (before Covid) and sat in front of a side entrance to the Chateau Frontenac. So, a prime spot for catching people’s attention. Not sure what to make of the bronze pyramid on the elephant’s back though.

Every year we get something different if not, surprising. Stand by for more …