Mosiacultures 2022

This spectacular show of living plant sculptures is finally here, instead of Montreal, this year. And the team have done a fantastic job of transforming our local park, the bois de Coulonge, into a plant safari for the senses, the Mosiacultures 2022.

There are over 200+ living sculptures in 5 distinct zones covering different themes, from the polar regions, to Africa, to the sea, to temperature climes. There is so much to see it took us almost 3 hours of ambling around to see everything.

Here’s a small sampling of some of the living sculptures.

Water Lily Pond

I took a couple of photos of these water lilies while at the Bois de Coulonge the other day. The colour of pink was really vivid, as were the lilies themselves. I looked for frogs and fish, but couldn’t see any, this time around, which is a shame. Maybe it’s the wrong time of year.

Anyway, enjoy!

Wednesday’s Wildlife

To get us over hump day, today, I’m sharing a couple of single shots I have of a few friends I made while walking around the Bois de Coulonge the other day. I’m always surprised by the sheer variety of bird life there is in the park, never mind all the other little critters.

The Bois de Coulonge

This local park is just 15 minutes walk from where I live, and was once home to the Lieutenant Governors of Québec that is, till there was a terrible fire in the 60s, and the main house burnt down. After that, the grounds were ceded to the public as a heritage park. Welcome to the Parc du Bois-de-Coulonge!

Bordering the Sillery bluffs, Parc du Bois-de-Coulonge is one of Québec’s most unique parks. Its layout is influenced by the city’s French and English regimes and by many members of royalty. A number of buildings still reflect this rich past. Half of the park is covered in maple forest, and is home to more than 3 km of trails bordered by gorgeous flowers, berry bushes, and trees, and offering beautiful views of the St. Lawrence River.”

The park has a bonus viewing-point that over looks the St. Lawrance river, with great views of the marina and, eh, the oil terminal on the south shore.

It’s a wonderful park to visit at any time of the year that, because of the changing seasons, is also ever changing.