Pure Peony

Bright, clear white petals, with a vivid lemon heart, this peony has an unusual petal arrangement that I’ve not seen before—almost like a dahlia. I love the sheer versatility of this flower, and love that the botanical gardens grows so many different varieties each year.

Blush Pink Peony

I never realised just how many variations of peony there were till I started visiting the University Laval botanical gardens, a few years back. The sheer variety of colour and shape seems endless. Certainly I have the photographic evidence to support the theory.


Flamenco Pink Peony

Easter Monday and the sun is shining in a crystal clear sky, it’s warm and balmy, and maybe, just maybe, the weather is finally going our way. I hope so. In the meantime, here’s another gloriously rich pink peony for last year’s photo shoot.