A Magnolia Moment …

My regular readers know that when it comes to flowers, I love poppies and peonies. But did you know that I also love the fleetingly and beautiful magnolia blossom. Like most tree blossoms—apple and cherry—they bud, bloom, and are gone far too soon.

It seems I forgot about taking these photos—shot back in the early spring, 2019—so now seems like as good a time as any to share them with you. A fantastic bonanza of soft delicate pinks and white blossoms to set you up for the weekend.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone, and stay safe.

A Floral Flit

It’s a dark heavy humid day today, with the temp already soaking me after two steps, and expected to rising to a silly 41+degrees later this afternoon! So what better way to salve my sorrows at not being able to take a walk, outside, than to share a few cheerful flowers with you, today.