Ways to Save

Québec City is one of the more expensive cities in Canada but there always ways to save money on your visit to our fair city. Here are ten great ways to get the best out of your money:

  1. Take a FREE walking tour of the Old City.
  2. Eat poutine (under $10 CAD) at Chez Ashton, one of the cheapest places in the city.
  3. Buy food at a neighbourhood grocery store.
  4. Eat croissants for breakfast, they are only $2.50 CAD at Paillard on rue Saint-Jean (to the right at the bottom of rue Sainte-Ursule) and are fresh daily. They do great lunches too!
  5. Buy a bus pass. A 1-day bus pass costs $8.75 CAD. A day pass gives you unlimited travel for 24-hours.
  6. Go to Méga Parc, an indoor amusement park and shopping mall at the Capitale Galleries after 5pm, and get in for half price ($15 CAD). Great on days when it’s raining.
  7. Walk along the city fortifications and atop the city gates. Its FREE!
  8. Visit the churches and libraries as most are FREE.
  9. You can walk almost anywhere within the city walls and see alot.
  10. Couchsurf for most of your visit and save money on accommodation (plus meet amazing and friendly locals).